KORG PA Manager

KORG PA Manager 4.1

Manage and get a better overview about your KORG sets
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4.1.3301 (See all)

Explore and organize the sets loaded on your KORG device. Manage performance, sounds, PCM samples, and export the contents to PC for later backup.

Manage / Organise / Explore KORG PA SETs on your PC with ease. Copies & Transfers All necessary Sounds & PCM samples automatically. Mix multiple SETs with just a few clicks and much more... Be it your Styles, Performances, Pads, Sounds or Samples. It offers a unique versatile solution to Managing KORG Pa SETs. You can even convert between models hassle free. Time Slice your audio tracks to make a synchronized PAD file. Instantly preview/playback PAD Sounds in realtime playback with User Samples only.

Now you can fully Manage your Samples with the Sample Manager. Edit, Delete, Replace, Add Samples, WAV Files, MultiSamples, the whole lot.
It also works with commercially Locked USB Sets.

SETs can now be Compressed or Uncompressed via the SAMPLE Manager.

A must have tool that provides an all-in-one application for all KORG PA Users.

KORG PA Manager is designed to support *all KORG PA Arrangers released to date by KORG. *Limited MG support.

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